Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter #50

Dear Family! 
This week has been so great!!  :) Yes Mommy I got your package! Most of the clothes do still fit... sadly I'm not a size 2 anymore! hahaha. I was very happy for the new clothes :) The medicine helped too!  Thank You!! It was a little late, but much appreciated! :)

Being sick on the mission is the worst!!!! It is tough because you need and want to rest when you get sick. We all know we need to do this so you can feel better, but you feel guilty for resting when you are on your mission... So we were "power through-ing it" hard core!! However one of the nights last week we crashed and feel asleep at like 5:00 pm. :( and we didn't wake up until our night out alarm went off!) We both felt so bad, but the rest was much needed! So even though this week we have been sick, we still had a petty awesome week. We had a great lesson with Matt. I've told you a little about him, we are preparing him for baptism. Our lesson on The Word of Wisdom this week went great! He is quitting everything cold turkey!!! He is awesome and brought his son to church this week. We were hoping that he was going to be the leader for his family. He says his wife and kids might show some more interest if he gets more involved! :) So PLEASE keep him in your prayers. We are still shooting for the 27th of this month for his baptism... we and he are working towards it.

The coolest thing happened... I was in the Gospel Principals class this week at church. I love Daddy's new calling! I love it because now I now know we are doing the same thing every Sunday! I know Dad is doing a great job :) He is a great teacher and can connect and get along with everyone! I was sitting in class thinking about how things would be back at home... I just know your going great! :0 

Sorry the email is so short. I ran short on time again. We are going gator hunting again this week! I hope we find some... pictures will be coming next week! :) I love you guys!!! Thank you for all you do!!! I love you guys!!!!!!

God be with you till we meet again ~
Sister Sharon Andersen 

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