Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter #51

Dear Family!! 
I love the letters every week! I love to hear what everyone is doing... I love knowing you guys are doing great. It puts a girls mind at ease. I do worry and think about home sometimes. However, I am glad to hear that you are all keeping busy and out of trouble! I love hearing about your week. It makes me feel a part your life still even being far away :) We have had a pretty good week. Sister Kitchen and I are starting to get the hang of things.  We are getting things set up and and keeping busy. I love being busy!!! It helps staying focused and not getting home sick! My year mark happened this week! I can't believe how fast the time is going. I don't want it to end... I love the mission! Sister Kitchen is making it mad fun!
The mission can be really hard! You have days you want to give up, but then you have good days and they make it all worth it! This week has been pretty interesting! hahaha
Like for example:
We kinda set up a less active with someone this week. We brought her with us to a lesson and they hit it off and were flirting hard core! (Flirt to convert! haha) No... that's bad. I shouldn't say that. It was funny though because they are in their 80's! hahahah Old People need love too! I guess...

Our gator (investigator) Miguel committed to baptism this week!! We don't have a date or anything but it is an improvement... he was kinda our awkward investigator. I think he's kinda in love with Sister Kitchen. It is so funny, I'll be talking and then I will look up and he's staring at her... and we've both caught him winking at her. hahaha So we make sure to bring a member with us from now on! hahaha. Everyone needs the gospel... even "creepy old men!" hahaha 

We saw a legit drug bust the other day. We drove by a couple of times and tried not to look suspicious. 
(don't know how to spell that word)
(don't worry I fixed the spelling for her) 
The downer for the week is we had to move back Matt's baptism date. He is still struggling with the word of wisdom. He gave up coffee cold turkey, however smoking seems to be a challenging. He is down to 2 a day which is an improvement. ( he was at a pack and a half a day) We would rather have him fully ready then force him too soon.
Like always I'm out of time... Sorry it's so short. Hopefully the pictures make up for that:)
I LOVE you guys so much!!!!! Thank You for all you do!! God be with you till we meet again! LOVE YOU!!!!! I MISS AND PRAY FOR YOU DAILY! 
Sister Sharon Andersen 

 ~Celebrating her ONE YEAR MARK!!~~

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